Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Water Heaters - Hybrid

How It Works? – Hybrid

The hybrid approach is designed to eliminate general shortcomings of other technologies. For example, hybrids are activated by either thermostat (similar to tanked) or flow (similar to tankless).

Hybrids have small storage tanks that temper incoming cold water. This means hybrids only have to increase water temperature from warm to hot as opposed to tankless which has to raise completely cold water to hot.

The defining characteristics of a “hybrid water heater” are:
  • A combination of water flow of tank and efficiency of tankless of water heater
  • Built-in small storage water reservoir as part of heat exchanger (typically between two gallons to 20 gallons)
  • Dual activation: flow sensing and thermostat control
Hybrid water heaters can be gas-fired (natural gas or propane), or be electrically powered using a combination of heat pump and conventional electric heating element.
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